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1.All-in-one boost controller with eye-catching graphics and functions.
Accurate boost control is accomplished by high performance solenoid valve.
(NOTE) Spec-R employs Twin Solenoid valve, Spec-S employs the single solenoid valve.
Boost measurement can be choose PSI.
Stunning graphics by full-color (65,000 colors) LCD.
Multi-angle display for various installing position/location (Display can be rotated for horizontal/vertical installation).
Fuel mileage can be displayed. (Instantaneous/ Average/ Sectional)
(NOTE) This product calculates the fuel mileage from our original method using the horsepower output., not from injector duty cycle and/or full tank method. Please understand that this mileage figure is approximate and for reference usage only. Also, following limitations apply:
1.Mileage calculation under idling (stationary) cannot be performed.
2.Under deceleration, there is a difference between actual and calculated fuel consumption. Therefore, instantaneous gas mileage varies from actual gas mileage when decelerating.
3.Average gas mileage is the average value when the main unit is on. (From IGN ON to current) Every time IGN is turned off, the previous data is cleared.
Up to 6 data can be displayed out of 16 kinds of data.
Display items: Boost, Speed, RPM, Power, Torque, Instantaneous gas mileage, Average gas mileage, Sectional travel distance, Sectional average gas mileage, External temperature input (Optional sensor required), External pressure or A/F input (Optional sensor required), External voltage 1~3 (Optional harness required)
(NOTE) Only one temperature sensor can be connected. Either press sensor or A/F sensor can be connected.
Data logger function which can graph measured power, torque, A /F, etc.
All- in one full function model including RPM/Speed MAP control function, peak hold, warning, scramble boost, limiter, record & play.


Product Specs

-Brand : BLITZ
-Color : Metal Black
-Spec : Twin Solenoid Valve
-Part Number :15083

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